Orlena To Debut Two New lines at High Point Market

Orlena, LLC. recently announced the distribution of their new brands, Mother Ruggers and Simon Yildirim.


Mother Ruggers is a new line of washable, one step anti slip, affordable and quality rugs. Simon Yildrim is a jacquard woven luxury line, also machine washable. Each line brought exclusively to North America by Stormy Simon (former President of Overstock.com) and Ayse Yildirim (Fine art design and textile expert from Turkey).


They are blending their combined talents and making their debut at this April’s High Point Market April 2-6, 2022. In addition, they will also be introducing their children’s line, Ruggaroo’s. Stormy Simon says, “We cannot wait to launch Mother Ruggers and for the public to see our uniquely hand-drawn jacquard woven rugs we have designed. We are committed to our Vision to revolutionize the rug industry in style. “


The MSRP’s for Mother Ruggers are $250- $350. Simon Yildrim MSRP’s are $499-$2400. See their hand drawn, luxury, jacquard woven machine washable rugs at High Point Market, located in Showplace #3420 from 9am-6pm starting April 2 – 6, 2002.



About Orlena Home

Inspired by many different cultures and origins, our collections push the boundaries of contemporary creativity with an eclectic style. Designs are easy to be copied yet the texture is the hardest thing to imitate. Moving around in the world of the colors bravely, using materials form polyester to cotton or viscose to wool, we produce exclusive qualities and designs with our own distinctive weaving techniques for you. Our aim is to create user-friendly products that appeal to different tastes from modern to classic for interiors that you enjoy to live in. For more information, visit  www.orlenahome.com.


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