Moe’s Home Collection Unveils Trend Curve to Low-slung & Grounded Designs Back by 1970s Inspiration


Full-line North American wholesaler & retailer Moe’s Home Collection releases 70s-inspired modular sectionals, low- profile coffee tables & grounding bedroom furniture.


Moe’s Home Collection has launched its series of low-slung, grounded & 70s-inspired designs to respond to the high demand for oversized, cozy & low-profile styles popularized by time-honored nostalgia. The retro resurgence coincides with the push toward creating more comfortable surroundings by consumers who have stayed home for the last few years. The trend takes shape across all social media platforms, with #retro garnering over 7B views on TikTok, #cozyhomes getting an additional 23M views on TikTok, #cozyvibes gaining over 1M posts on Instagram & the global search for the term “curved sofa living room” on Pinterest, increasing three times as such from 2019 to 2021.


The spirit of these consumer searches is captured in large & oversized seating with slouchy silhouettes & low profiles; relaxed, inviting, calming shapes with modular designs; & natural woods crafted with rounded corners. Seating that hugs the body brings a sense of safety, comfort & relaxation, while coffee tables that match the low seating height underscore the grounding, connective aesthetic. MHC looked to the 60s & 70s for inspired geometric shapes, materials, patterns, soft curves & motifs to bring a comforting, relaxing flair. The result is a groovy, expressive & soulful blend of the past & the present—nostalgic romanticism spun like a vinyl record, hitting just the right notes of modern-retro with a twist of vintage & Art Deco.


The release includes the following modular sectionals, seating, coffee tables & bedroom furnishings:


Zeppelin Modular Sectional in Salt Stone White

A puffed, inflated & ultra-cool silhouette brings an airy playfulness with comfort-driven intention. Gentle curves over a subtle, floating base add to a sense of weightlessness. The low-slung, 70’s inspired silhouette is retro-tinged, luxe & confident featuring a modular design available in classic configurations or individually as a corner chair, slipper chair & ottoman.


Maura Dineen, Product Development Manager of Moe’s Home Collection, explains how this statement piece expresses the retro, future-facing direction of the moment. “Moving into 2022 & onward to 2023, we’re taking inspiration from the ‘70s, which is communicated through the low profile, rounded edges & padded form of the Zeppelin. We’ve given this ‘70s approach a contemporary take through our Salt Stone White upholstery selection.”


Lyric Modular Sectional

Another modular offering, Lyric harmonizes quiet earth tones & sculptural form into a plump silhouette. Added texture & depth come from its channel stitching over deep-set, plush decadence. Buttery soft upholstery only adds to its ode to relaxation. Like the Stevie Wonder classic, this sectional collection is a song in the key of a life worth living.


Ritual Coffee Table

A low-profile, rounded silhouette comes to life with a solid black marble tabletop flecked with highlights of gold. Reminiscent of stars shimmering in the night sky, Ritual is a timeless, stone statement contrast to the soft, inflated curves of the ‘70s inspired sofas. Low to the ground but high in style, this coffee table brings any living room together with elemental allure.


Nash Coffee Table

Made from refined Kailashpri white marble stone, every Nash coffee table presents one-of-a-kind beauty with its natural patterns & striations. At a height that matches the low silhouettes of ‘70s inspired seating, Nash adds a splash of sophistication to cozy interiors. Polished, pure & perfectly paired with low- slung sofas, this luxe design is as grounding as it is elevating.


Dala Coffee + Side Tables

Marble & oak come together in a French Art Deco-inspired silhouette. Dala is a sculptural & sinuous table with natural detailing. Raw, earthly elements contrast the soft, oversized sofas to a surprising effect, where marble sits atop curved solid oak legs to bring organic originality to any living room.


Chameau & Terning Coffee Table

Grounded & bold, these coffee tables feature a hypnotic Art Deco design in a circular & square shape. A veneer of white ethically-sourced camel bone & resin is a visual statement of contrast that echoes retro motifs with modern appeal. While both low-profile silhouettes match the grounded aesthetic of this release, the circular Chameau sits atop brass-finished legs & comes in three sizes.


Bellos Accent Chair

This comfy, curvilinear accent chair answers the search for grounding, inviting design. Like a cocoon, it embraces the body for a sense of protection & comfort—buttery soft top-grain leather pairs with gorgeous wood for a naturally expressive composition. Everlasting luxury meets timeless beauty with a patina that will only mellow with age.


Plank Bedroom Collection

The demand for grounding design takes shape throughout the home. Consisting of a king & queen bed, nightstand, sideboard, desk & media cabinet, the Plank collection adds organic appeal to living rooms & bedrooms. An ode to the collection’s solid oak; each piece showcases nature’s distinct charm of unique woodgrains & whorls.


“As always, natural woods continue to be at the forefront of our collection,” states Maura Dineen, Product Development Manager of Moe’s Home Collection. “The Plank collection is made of solid oak with rich graining. Vertical planks with v-groove detailing provide a sense of rhythm & repetition with soothing uniformity.”


Round Off Bedroom Collection

Consumers look to round, sculptural shapes for a soft, warm bedroom where smooth, curvilinear, well-crafted woods captivate through relaxed silhouettes. The Round Off collection creates a clean, minimalist aesthetic in the bedroom with several matching pieces—king & queen bed, nightstand & dresser. Featuring a high-quality walnut veneer, this woodsy showcase highlights the eye-catching dark tones of the grain & the warmth that walnut brings to interiors.


Brad Runions, Trade Account Manager & Visual Merchandiser for Moe’s Home Collection, explains the appeal, “the Round Off collection is a clear favorite that fits right in with any Modern, Contemporary or Scandi design. The beautifully curved edges give an organic feel while the low-profile height gives a modern touch—a simplistic approach to an already clean, simplistic look.”


Inflated sofas, low-slung seats, lowered-profile coffee tables & grounding furniture showcasing warm woods convey the warmth, comfort, softness, & calm that today’s consumers demand. With this release of each new collection, Moe’s Home Collection continues to meet & look beyond the curve of industry trends & consumer needs.




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