Home Gym Lighting Options (Five Black Semi-Flush Lights Under $200)

Have you ever needed an item for your home, started shopping for that item, and found the perfect item almost immediately, only for that item to be unavailable with no indication as to when (or if) it would be back in stock? Of course you have. We all have. Isn’t that frustrating? Because then when you start your search again, nothing seems to measure up to that first perfect product.

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Well, that’s what happened with my search for the perfect black semi-flush mount ceiling light for the long entrance into our home gym. The absolute perfect light was this black and gold semi-flush light from Target. And it’s only $90!

But it’s unavailable, and there’s no indication when it’ll be back in stock. As perfect as that light is, I’m too impatient to wait around for it to be restocked (especially considering how long stuff like that is taking these days), so I begrudgingly began my search for another light.

I didn’t want to drag out my search, as I have a tendency to do, so I went to Amazon, put in my search parameters (black, under $200, less than 12 inches high), and then selected my top five favorites out of those results. Here are those five.

  1. Log Barn semi-flush ceiling light with seeded glass, $149
  2. Dainolite semi-flush 3-light with black shade, $120
  3. Vanity Art 2-light star semi-flush light, $179
  4. Dainolite matte black semi-flush light, $170
  5. Dainolite 3-light aged brass with black shade, $140

So I did some mock ups of those lights in the home gym, along with the black door, and a copy and paste of the flooring that I’ll be using. It’s far from perfect, but you can at least get an idea of what it will look like. And there’s no way that these lights are to scale, but we’re mostly looking at the style.

Here’s the first Log Barn semi-flush light with the seeded glass.

I’m generally not a huge fan of seeded glass simply because I don’t like exposed bulbs (with very few exceptions), and seeded glass doesn’t obscure the bulbs quite enough for my taste. But I do think that’s a very pretty light fixture, and it was in my top five.

Next up is the Dainolite semi-flush with black shade.

I love the clean look of this one. It’s simple and modern with clean lines and no frills. That seems perfect for a home gym.

Here’s a look at the Vanity Art star semi-flush light.

I have to admit that I LOVE star lights, and I’ve been on the lookout for the perfect star light (one that doesn’t have clear glass that expose the bulbs, and this one fits the bill), and the perfect place in our home to put a star light. Could this be it?

Next, let’s take a look at the Dainolite matte black semi-flush light.

I’m not sure how I feel about the lines on the light with the strips on the wall. It may be too visually busy. But I do like the light!

And finally, we have the Dainolite aged brass fixture with black shade.

That mock up looks funny because it’s a square light, but the only picture available was taken from an angle. Obviously, if I used this light, the square shade would be squared up with the walls. 😀 My perfectionism with slight OCD tendencies would make me cringe every time I saw this light if it weren’t squared up perfectly with the walls.

Doing these mock ups really helps to narrow down the selection. As I was doing them this morning, one light stood out to me as the best option for this area. I won’t tell you which one stood out to me, because I want to see if it stands out to all of you as well. Which one would you choose, and why?

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