Buying Guide For the Tall Wine Fridge

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Choosing the perfect storage for your wine collection is a predicament for many avid wine lovers. Wine fridges offer complete solutions by combining ideal storage conditions, consummate serving temperatures and safety for your bottles in one handy appliance. Benefits when you buy a wine fridge would be dual-zone temperature controls (some even offer three zones), shelving that will pamper your bottles and minimal vibrations. Lighting should be of the soft blue LED variety which will not affect those delicate liquids. The next consideration is size. Tall wine fridges have garnered attention in recent months. Large enough to hold a surprising number of bottles, with all the technological magic of large wine fridges, they are a best of both worlds combination.

How Big Should My Wine Fridge Be?

The obvious answer would be as big as it needs to be. For small collections or enough for an intimate dinner party, a smaller unit makes sense. More extensive collections will need more space, so deciding where the fridge will fit in your home. Assuming a modest-sized collection, a decent-sized fridge will be required. Conventional wisdom is that one should always get a refrigerator larger than expected. This is because there will always be those unexpected extra bottles and natural collection growth. By considering your collection, and available space, you will know which fridge size meets all your needs.

Why Choose a Taller Wine Fridge?

Seen in interior design magazines and luxury homes everywhere, they are sleek, beautiful and importantly, have excellent bottle storage capacity. Seen as investment pieces, they not only offer storage solutions but also enhance your home’s value. Built-in and freestanding units alike are seen with a very favourable eye by potential home buyers, who view them as tokens of an elegant lifestyle that is attainable.

Questions to Ask For Larger Wine Fridges

Ensuring correct measurements is just the start; bigger fridges may have design details that need to be considered. An overhang, for example, will need to be considered to ensure the unit fits flush with surrounding cabinets. Some units come standard with only one shelf type, while others offer a combination. Fitting Bordeaux and Burgundy style shelving into one team allows for more flexibility when storing different bottles. Check with the supplier for the amount of space required around and behind the unit, irrespective if it is free-standing or built-in. This is necessary to allow sufficient airflow and heat dissipation for efficient cooling. While you’re chatting with the supplier, ask about the length of the guarantee. Interestingly enough, some suppliers offer a three-year warranty on their appliances while others only offer one year.

Don’t Forget the Zones.

Larger wine fridges most often offer dual temperature zones, which is great for storing different wines at individually suited temperatures. The best news is that some models provide three or more zones, which is an even better option. Known as a wine column in certain parts of the world, these appliances perfectly display your collection while preserving it at ideal temperatures. If you define yourself as a happy oenophile, a wine column is an appliance to treat yourself to this season. Gesondheid!